Business proposals

Company from Spain specialized in producing medical textiles (bandages of all types - paper, elastic, fabric, etc.) is seeking partners for brokering services, to introduce its products to new markets.

Italian company specialized in naval architecture, structural engineering and marine design, active in all related industries, is looking for partners for subcontracting or outsourcing (shipyards or ship design companies), and offers also its own services.

Company from Spain specialized in the production of metal trays for the bakery industry is looking for distributors involved in this field (bakery and pastry) to sell their products.

Company from Finland is looking for new markets for their products (parquet and wood floors). The Company is seeking an experienced agent or distributor to introduce their products to other markets (products that are made in accordance with the principles of sustainable forestry). Country exclusivity can be negotiated.

A Bulgarian company specialized in bottling natural mineral wateris looking for new reliable partners. The company has its own warehouse, distribution network and well-developed logistics in Bulgaria and can bottle water in PET bottles or glass bottles. The ideal partner is a commercial agent or distributor with experience in transnational cooperation, which has its own warehouse and a well-developed sales network in the field.

Company from Spain specialized in producing food for pets (dogs and cats) and livestock farm is looking for distributors in Europe. The company wants to find an experienced distributor, for a long term contract, possibly with investment in the company.

An Italian company produces various kinds of high quality wine (including Prosecco), with the possibility of personalized bottling. The company is looking for agents and distributors which should have a portfolio of hotel chains, restaurants and event planning agencies (SMEs with up to 10 employees).

German manufacturer of measurement and control equipment for the petrochemical and chemical industry is interested to conclude new trade and service agreements.The company is currently the market leader in the field of explosion-proof equipment that allow safe handling of flammable liquids in / from trucks, cars and ships. They provide ground control devices, overflow prevention, control panels and card readers.

Database Enterprise Europe Network provides for May-June 2014, the following opportunities of cooperation:

ID 2695: French company specialized in steel works seeks specific suppliers of raw materials. The stocks may be made of ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel. 20090106006 BR

ID 2696:Swedish company specialized in developing and producing PVC fabric - looking for suppliers. The company has one of the longest tables for welding PVC fabric (102 meters) in Europe. Company manufactures protection curtains from a few square meters to protections for warehouses covering thousands of square meters. The main products are sheets for warehouse, tents for events, fabrics for industrial doors, hangar and pool.BRSE20140328001

ID 2697: French dealer of lighting equipments is looking for manufacturers from Europe who wish to market their products in France.20101118037

ID 2698: Belgian company is looking for food producers type finger-food. The company is interested in signing production agreements. BRBE20140327001

ID 2699: Polish company specialized in the production of electronic equipments, tools and design machines, process engineering, software programming, construction, validation and documentation products, operating in areas such as mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, medical engineering, seeks subcontracting and reciprocal production agreements. 20120611027 BR

ID 2700: Experienced and certified italian company specialized in energy efficiency solutions (roof systems, insulation, solar and wind power, heating and cooling systems, wooden houses), and asbestos-based treatment, provides distribution services on the italian market. BRIT20131210006

ID 2701: Polish dealer of vegetables and fruits is looking for suppliers from european countries of high quality products. 20090708014 BR

ID 2702: Polish company specialized in the production of furniture is looking for partners for co-production. BRPL20131212001

ID 2703: Hungarian factory is seeking manufacturers of additional products: glass, glassware, tablecloths, cutlery, table decorations, etc. - in order to add to its portfolio.BRHU20131016001

ID 2704: Swedish company active in home decoration, textile production, original furniture production, is currently looking for a partner for subcontracting (sewing fabric for furniture and printing company logo). 20130618024

ID 2705: French trader specialized in the renewable energy sector (wood heating systems, solar energy) would like to propose its services to manufacturing companies that want to sell products in France.20120731020

ID 2706: Commercial consulting company offers its services to companies interested in introducing their products in the Spanish market. BRES2014012002

ID 2707: Hungarian company specialized in manufacturing various fresh meats (sausages, frankfurters, bacon) is seeking international suppliers that could provide poultry and pork products. Hungarian company is interested in various subcontracting opportunities. BRHU20140213001

ID 2708: Spanish company is looking for suppliers of sunflower oil, in order to export and distribute this product in Ecuador and Cuba. BRES20140211001

ID 2709: Polish producer of fruit snacks is looking for bio (organic) dried fruit producers. BRPL20140323001

ID 2710: IMM italian a dezvoltat si imbunatatit echipamente pentru protectie balistica jachete / veste si pantaloni. Compania cauta parteneri pentru distributie. Orice domeniu care necesita protectie impotriva ranirilor ar putea fi, de asemenea, vizate. BOIT20140324002

ID 2711: Czech company producing dried lightweight composite (roof tiles), non-flammable, is looking for distributors. BOCZ20140212001

ID 2712: A French company has developed a drone (UAV) supplied with power cable, with stationary position established and unlimited duration of flight, allowing observations at high altitude. Any sensor can be mounted for data transfer via optical fiber. The device can be used for monitoring offshore environment and defense. We are looking for partners for technical cooperation, financial and commercial. 13 FR 35k9 3S8U

ID 2713: A UK manufacturer of gear shells has developed an environmentally friendly alternative to metallic nets used for this purpose. The prototype tested is polypropylene, which is a success in terms of fisheries and environmental impact but is more expensive and has a significantly shorter lifespan. The company is seeking partners from academia and industry to help identify alternative materials that would improve the durability and the price of the product. TRUK20131209001

ID 2714: Company in north west Poland specialized in steel constructions provides these products and is willing to act as a long term subcontractor. 20110830016BO

ID 2715: Polish company specialized in print and visual advertising offers subcontracting to foreign partner. This company would like to start a long-term cooperation in the form of subcontracting agreements and services. 20091202018 BO